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Monday, December 16, 2019

Free Denver Rock Concerts in Downtown Denver with Plain White Ts

Come on out and enjoy the Denver Day of Rock, a one-of-a-kind music event presented by Concerts For Kids to raise awareness of the children in our community. This free event will feature five stages of live music throughout downtown Denver on Friday, May 23 and Saturday, May 24, 2014. 

1616 Seventeenth Street, Suite 462 | Denver, CO 80202
303-605-2885 |
2014 Schedule



Friday May 23, 2014

Friday Night Inaugural Kickoff Concert

Arapahoe Street Skyline Park 1

  • The Congress the-congress6:30 – 7:20pm“Evoking emotions that you thought had long passed – the feeling of your first cigarette, or the way you feel listening to a worn vinyl as it warmly crackles against the sound of a summer night – The Congress is naturally compared to many names and styles of years gone by. But drawing such comparisons is, in many respects, a misguided endeavor. Misguided not because you’d be wrong, but because you’d be missing the beautiful point – The Congress are a natural evolution of more than 60 years of purely American music. Learn More

  • The Wallflowers The Wallflowers8:00 – 9:30pmFronted by co-founder Jakob Dylan, The Wallflowers are now in their 25th year. The Los Angeles-based alternative rock band has taken home several Grammys, released six studio albums and sold more than seven million records worldwide. Learn More



Saturday, May 24, 2014

Arapahoe Street Skyline Park 1

  • The Noms Noms-Promo-Shot-12:30 – 3:15The Noms, a 6-member, Folk-Rock band from Albuquerque, N.M. But this is not your typical ”folk” band following the trend of the moment. They experiment, guided by a recipe heavy in gutsy vocal harmonies and spiced by the three distinct solo styles of the group’s singers. Since their inception in the summer of 2009, the group has mesmerized listeners with a broad range of rhythmic and melodic textures — in one moment rallying the audience to wild, free spirited dancing and in the next, stirring deep emotions and even tears. But the true blood of each song is the expression of who they are as individuals and their distinct personalities as a definition ever-shaped by each other and the love of music. Their influences range from musicians such as Dave Matthews Band,The Fray, and Michelle Branch. Learn More

  • Tracksuit Wedding Tracksuit Wedding3:30 – 4:20Tracksuit Wedding is a vintage cover band from Denver, Colorado that performs radio hits from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Composed mostly of women, the group brings to the stage a unique energy and sound that will surprise even the classic rock aficionado. Members of the group have played in various genres and styles from aggressive rock to country. Tracksuit Wedding brings you two decades of iconic hits, taking you back to the sounds of the highly popular 70s and fun fresh 80s. Learn More…

  • The Whigs TheWhigs-PR1-JoshuaBlackWilkins4:40 – 5:25With their new album Enjoy The Company, The Whigs have created a raucous ode to rock and roll. From the opening track, an exhilarating eight-minute mission statement called “Staying Alive,” the record offers a powerful sonic rendering of a band opening up to the depth of their past and kicking open the doors to their future. But most of all, this is the undeniably established sound of a band affirming their legacy in the American rock and roll paradigm. While The Whigs recorded their second record Mission Control at famed Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood and their third release In The Dark in Athens, the making of Enjoy The Company was a dramatically different affair. This time the group sought the guidance of veteran producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Son Volt, Sonic Youth) and the solitude of Dreamland Studios housed in a historic church in rural Woodstock, New York. “We went out there to record without anydistractions,” bassist Timothy Deaux explains. “There were no girlfriends there, no bars to go out to. It was just us and the music. Our last album focused on some pretty dark themes and with this one I think there’s a newfound sense of optimism and purpose. We didn’t make a sugary record, but I think we are honestly feeling good about the band and our lives and it comes across in the sound.” Learn More

  • The Hold Steady The-Hold-Steady-Image6:10 – 7:10Things to know about The Hold Steady: * “Teeth Dreams” is the sixth album from one of America’s most acclaimed rock bands. * This is their first release in four years. Their last, “Heaven is Whenever,” came out in May 2010. * The songs on “Teeth Dreams” came together over the past three years. Many of them went through significant changes along the way. Four years is the most time between any two The Hold Steady releases. Learn More

  • Plain White T’s Plain-White-Ts-Photo8:00 – 9:30Forget everything you think you know about the Plain White T’s. This hard-working band—which began life bashing out Green Day and Weezer covers in a suburban Chicago basement while still in high school way back in the late ’90s—is in the midst of what may well prove to be a game-changing evolutionary step. Following a three-year stretch on the heels of the release of 2010’s Wonders of the Younger that found the quintet evolving as artists and human beings, while experiencing their share of personal tumult and along the way, the veteran rock band returns not just recharged but reborn. The proof is all over American Nights, the quintet’s fourth album for Hollywood Records, hitting in early 2014. Learn More…

Arapahoe Street Skyline Park 2

  • Calder’s Revolvers Calders-Revolvers-Photo2:45 – 3:35Calder’s Revolvers are a blues-rock band with a little punk and R&B thrown in. Confused? Yeah, we are too! Calder’s Revolvers was formed in December 2009 by former members of The Archive (guitarist Brad Johnson and vocalist Andy Schneider) and We Are! We Are! (drummer Sam Gault) as well as bassist Cole Strain. The original garage rock and punk roots have given way to a unique blend of classic rock with contemporary rock and R&B. Calder’s Revolvers released their debut EP in January 2011, followed with their EP Black Bloc in January 2012 and released their debut full-length LP “Steady By Your Side” in September 2012. Learn More

  • Austin Young Band Austin-Young-Promo-Photo-13:55 – 4:45Austin Lee Young, a Colorado native, picked up his first guitar at age 12 and hasn’t put it down since. Self-taught, he churns out the blues and displays his music with electrifying passion that defies his young age. He engages his audience and can match any seasoned performer that currently draws large crowds. His inspirations run the gauntlet of the Blues from historical giants such as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters to contemporary masters like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Currently Austin and his band perform locally and nationally in established music clubs, numerous music festivals, private functions, and special events. He incorporates the sheer honesty of the blues and performs it with a modern, high energy sound that remains faithful to its traditional roots. Learn More…

  • Jonathon Boogie Long Jonathon-Boogie-Long-Promo-Photo5:05 – 5:55From Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jonathon “Boogie” Long was born with the blues coursing through his veins. Brought up in a Southern Baptist community, he first picked up the guitar at the age of six, teaching himself old gospel songs. Years later, a teenage Long found himself playing weekly gigs at blues clubs and events around town. At fourteen, he left school to lay down his roots touring with local legends Henry Turner Jr. & Flavor from 2003 to 2005. Additionally, he has toured with Chris Duarte, Kenny Wayne and Tyree Neal on the Chitlin’ Circuit. Boogie has shared the stage with standout musicians such as Warren Haynes and Govt Mule, Dr. John, Rockin’ Dopsie, Monte Montgomery, Ellis Hall, Kenny Neal, Larry Garner, Henry Gray, Lil Ray Neal, and Lou Marini of the Blues Brothers Band. Learn More

  • Trampled Under Foot Trampled-Under-Foot-Photo6:15 – 7:15Siblings Danielle and Nick Schnebelen have a life-long connection with the blues. Growing up in Kansas City, MO, they soaked up the music of their parents, who were active in the thriving blues scene. Trampled Under Foot was originally formed as a family band consisting of Danielle, Nick and Kris Schnebelen. The trio headed to Memphis in 2008 for the IBC and walked away from the competition with First Place honors. Learn More

  • Black Joe Lewis blackjoelewis3008:00 – 9:00Joe Lewis hails from Austin, TX – the collision center where Southern soul meets mid-western blues and vagabond punk. Unable to keep away from the infectious music scene Austin is infamous for, Joe Lewis soaked it all in and soon found himself purchasing his first guitar while working in a pawnshop. The rest is history. Once compared to “The Godfather of Soul,” we hear Black Joe Lewis letting his punk-flag fly on the group’s third studio album, Electric Slave. Black Joe Lewis perfected his gritty shouting and raw guitar riffs, honing his signature sound on the band’s upcoming album. Learn More

Curtis Street Stage

  • Post Paradise post-paradise-BandPhoto2:30 – 3:15Blending strong lyrical and melodic influences from multiple genres, the four musicians comprising Post Paradise deliver an indie/alternative rock sound that is unique and memorable. Combined with a synchronized light show, Post Paradise bring a rock edge and reverberating beat to an underlying indie classical vibe, best showcased by the punctuation of the cello, played by Amy Morgan. Fusing the depth and beauty of the cello with singer/guitarist Nick Duarte’s signature vocals and edgy riffs, the two become the cornerstone of the quartet further enhanced by Mark Roshon on drums and percussion, and Chris Santolla on bass guitar. Together, the four create a sound all their own, with echoes of nineties alternative, modern indie poeticism, and classical music. Formed in 2008, Post Paradise is now a seasoned and recognized entity on the Colorado music scene, and recently performed at SXSW in Austin, TX at four showcases. 

The band’s second full-length album, “Digging Secrets,” was released in May of 2013. Learn More


  • Fierce Bad Rabbit fierce-bd-rabbit3:35 – 4:25Fusing together melodic strands of indie/alternative effects with a rock foundation, Fierce Bad Rabbit creates a unique sound that travels through poignant lyrics and pop-infused tunes to gritty pieces showcasing front man Chris Anderson’s well-honed style of songwriting. Evolving from their formation in 2009, Fierce Bad Rabbit has grown from Northern Colorado roots, blending together four strong musical talents from different genres. Featuring Anderson on vocals, guitar and piano, Alana Rolfe on viola and vocals, Dayton Hicks on bass guitar, and Max Barcelow on drums, percussion and vocals, the band has grown into a collective of raw and unbridled ambitions mixed with a strong sensibility for keeping their sound fresh and progressive. Learn More…

  • Quiet Hounds  hey-ocean4:45 – 5:50Hailing from south of the Mason Dixon line, Quiet Hounds are gentlemen of various talents unexpectedly united with the unabashed desire to produce pure, authentic music with only spontaneity as a guide. Members of Quiet Hounds are not new to the music scene, having played on albums for Gnarls Barkley, Cee Lo Green, Washed Out, Constellations and have family ties to The Whigs. Learn More…

  • The Kin the-kin6:10 – 7:25One night a little over a year ago, two young men burst into New York City’s Lower East Side mainstay Katz’s Delicatessen and held the joint up. Sort of. Brothers Isaac and Thorald Koren, musicians who, along with drummer Shakerleg, make up New York City band The Kin, were looking to rob ears, not wallets. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a musical robbery!” shouted Isaac as he strode in with Thorald on his heels strumming a guitar. Learn More…

  • Monophonics Monophonics-Photo8:00 – 9:30Over the past seven years, Monophonics have staked their claim as one of the west coast’s premier bands. Raised amid the rich musical culture of San Francisco, Monophonics has proudly carried on the tradition of music native to their hometown, which flourished during the birth of Funk music and Psychedelic Soul. Monophonics were formed in 2005 was originally an instrumental ensemble, but in the last 2 years their sound has evolved to encompass incredible vocally driven songs. The foundation of the band is the blistering funky drums of Austin Bohlman and soulful bass playing of Myles O’Mahony, fuzzy echo guitars by Ian McDonald, a powerhouse horn section made up of Ryan Scott, Nadav Nirenberg & Alex Baky and the swirling organ & dynamic vocals of Kelly Finnigan. The result is a psychedelic soul & heavy funk sound, which harks back to the styling of the late 60’s and early 70’s, all while keeping its feet planted firmly in the present. Learn More


Champa Street Stage

  • Katey Laurel Katey-Laurel2:30 – 3:15Denver-based Folk-pop songstress Katey Laurel crafts both radio-friendly pop tunes and lush, cinematic songs for film and TV. The common thread is the intelligence of her lyricism and the honesty of her voice. Katey has been honored as a finalist in the Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Competition, a winner and alternate in two categories of the Walnut Valley Festival NewSong Contest in Winfield, KS and a showcase artist selected for the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati, OH. Learn More…

  • Cassie Taylor CassieTaylor3:35 – 4:35At age 26, Cassie Taylor is already a veteran musician. She’s spent a decade playing bass and singing on stage and in the studio with her father, modern-day blues innovator Otis Taylor. And now, with the May 7, 2013 release of her new album Out Of My Mind on Yellow Dog Records, Cassie stakes her own claim as an artist of intelligence, power and soul. The follow-up to her 2011 debut recording Blue finds Taylor defining her own creative identity within a dozen songs that balance passion, grace and humor with a broad embrace of sounds and musical styles consistently steeped in the blues. From Delta bedrock to the fringes of electronica to the driving spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, Taylor draws on all of her influences — which span centuries, continents and cultures — to create indelible stories like the edgy and compelling two-part drama “Ol’ Mama Dean” and the celebration of life and love “Forgiveness,” which struts over a blithe Crescent City beat. Organ, trumpet, tuba and even Theremin make cameo appearances in the mix alongside the core bass, drums and guitar sound of her trio, all supporting a voice that’s angelic, haunting, raw and full-blooded. Learn More

  • Rachel and the Kings Rachel-The-Kings-Image4:55 – 5:55You’d think a band barely past its first birthday would be bickering over whose basement is best for practice sessions. At least that’s the visual a stereotypical inauguration tends to suggest. But there’s nothing conventional about Rachel & The Kings, and the dynamo-style start the band boasts is no exception. Consider: with less than two months of official togetherdom, Rachel & The Kings won Ford’s national “Gimme the Gig II” competition, earning huge accolades from legendary producer (and head judge) Don Was. Learn More…

  • John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light 6:15 – 7:15John was born in a small fishing village off the coast of Portugal named Uoraguwaogo. His father was a simple fisherman. John’s Mother would awaken before Father and make them all fish cakes mixed with a small, bitter fruit called iquiadita. They were very poor, but blessed. Yet, something was missing from John’s life. Every evening, he would walk down to the sea and look westward out into the blackness, dreaming of something better. One day, while cleaning fish near the ocean, John saw a big trunk that had washed up from the sea. Read more >>

  • Dwayne Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers dwayne-dopsie-High-res8:00 – 9:30“America’s Hottest Accordion” winner, Dwayne (Dopsie) Rubin, plays a unique, high energy style of zydeco. Dwayne hails from one of the most influential Zydeco families in the world. Although inspired by tradition, he has developed his own high energy style that defies existing stereotypes and blazes a refreshingly distinct path for 21st century Zydeco music. This singer/songwriter and accordionist has performed all over the world since debuting his band, Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers, at age 19. Learn More

Welton Street Stage

  • Strange Americans strange americans2:50 – 3:35Strange Americans formed in 2010 and began writing music rooted in Americana, while remaining true to an innovative spirit. Classic guitars, an energetic rhythm section, three-part vocal harmony and tasteful folk colorings paint the soundscape of A Royal Battle, the full-length record released June 2012. The band was featured at Denver Day of Rock and the UMS in 2011, 2012, and 2013, was selected as Denver Westword Showcase Best Roots Rock Band of 2013, joined The Knew for the annual Knew Year’s Eve 2011, and appeared at Facemans Waltz 2012 and 2013. Learn More…

  • Wendy Woo Band Woo-Band-Promo-Shot-20123:55 – 4:55As Colorado’s music scene has exploded over the past few years, one of its mainstays has been Wendy Woo. Her energetic personality, musical skills, and spirited songwriting have made her a media and fan favorite and have taken her to venues across the country including the Fox Theater and Red Rocks in Colorado, the Bitter End and the Living Room in New York, the Hotel Cafe in Los Angles, the Bluebird Café in Nashville, Sweetwater in Mill Valley, and Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia. Anticipating the rise of the independent artist, Woo formed her own corporation, Woo Music. Through that she runs her own record label (eight albums), publishing company, booking agency, and management company. Learn More…

  • The Ballroom Thieves strange americans5:15 – 6:15The room is dark, as feet shuffle and people slowly mill about the open space in front of the barely-lit stage. The hiss as beer cans are cracked open mixes in with the swilling of whiskey and the dropping of ice in glasses and throwaway cups. It’s a lively, talkative crowd that starts moving closer and closer to the stage as the room lights dim and the stage lights come on. All of a sudden, the simple, lightly-strummed chords of “Coward’s Son” echo over that intimate room, and as Martin Earley’s vocals come into play, the melody continues to build, adding layer after layer. The low end of Calin Peters’ cello adds a haunting, echoing rhythm to the bright chime of Earley’s guitar part, while the accents of cymbal hits, djembe, and floor tom from Devin Mauch introduce the heartbeat of the group, their soaring three-part harmonies, with a bang. Learn More…

  • The Railbenders Railbenders6:35 – 7:35They’ve been called “country,” “alt-country,” and “outlaw country,” but the phrase that might best describe the Railbenders is “hard country.” This Denver, Colorado band has been playing unabashed, straight-no-chaser music that pulls no punches since 2000. Their music and dynamic live shows have made them one of the top draws in Colorado, bringing in a diverse fan base of all ages. Formed by Jim Dalton (vocals, guitar) and Tyson Murray (upright bass), the Railbenders took a mutual love of Johnny Cash, Waylon, Hank Williams, rock ‘n’ roll, punk, whiskey, and threw it all together to create their own sound. Powered by the steady rolling’ drums of Graham Haworth and the blazing guitar picking of Tony Nascar (“The Fastest Guitar in the West”), the band has garnered local awards, including “Top Country Band” by the Rocky Mountain News (2004 & 2005), and “Best Country/Roots Band” five years in a row (2002 to 2006) in the annual Westword Music Showcase. Learn More…

  • Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers 8:20 – 9:30Formed from the ashes of the Refreshments, Dead Hot Workshop, and the Gin Blossoms, Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers emerged in 1999 as a Southwestern supergroup specializing in literate, pop-tinged Americana. The Arizona-bred frontman Roger Clyne had previously established himself with the Refreshments during the post-grunge heyday of the ’90s. Although the cheeky pop anthem “Banditos” earned the band some national recognition in 1996, the Refreshments were dropped from Mercury Records after their sophomore effort failed to chart as high as its predecessor. Clyne and drummer P.H. Naffah subsequently retreated to Tempe, Arizona, where the two composed a slew of new songs during a week-long excursion through the Sonoran Desert. Intimate shows at local bars followed, and the pair steadily pieced together a lineup of local veterans that would soon comprise Roger Clyne & the Peaceamkers. By 1999, Clyne and Naffah had been joined by ex-Gin Blossoms guitarist Scott Johnson, ex-Dead Hot Workshop guitarist Steve Larson, and bassist Danny White. Read Full Bio >>

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