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Saturday, June 6, 2020

2014 Free Days and Free Admission to the Denver Zoo in 2014

Come on out in 2014 and enjoy a FREE DAY during the Denver Zoo 2014 FREE DAYS, which spans 80 acres within Denver’s historic City Park.


The Denver Zoodenver zoo - 2014 free days

An 80-acre attraction that is one of Colorado’s most popular, the Denver Zoo hosts 1.7 million visitors per year. Home to 4,000 creatures including 155 endangered species, the Denver zoo pursues a long-term mission of conservation and environmental education.


The Denver Zoo Exhibits

The Denver Zoo exhibits include African wildlife, pachyderms, bear mountain, primates, birds, North American and Asian wildlife, tropical discover and northern shores. Its Tropical Discovery rainforest exhibit is the world’s largest indoor komodo dragon habitat. The Denver zoo always has lots of baby animals, and feeding times are posted near the entrance.


Other attractions include a gas-powered zoo train and a carousel. You can get meals or snacks at the Hungry Elephant cafeteria, or bring a picnic to enjoy on the Denver Zoo grounds. Glass containers and alcohol are not allowed at the Denver Zoo.


The free admission days in 2014 include:

  • Friday, January 10th
  • Saturday, January 11th
  • Wednesday, January 22nd
  • Sunday, February 2nd
  • Monday, February 3rd
  • Thursday, February 20th
  • Monday, November 3rd
  • Friday, November 14th
  • Thursday, November 20th

Visitors can view 3,500 different animals, representing over 650 species. That means a rare look at exotic animals like amur leopards, king cobras, black rhinos, coral reef fish, elephants, zebras, vampire bats, gorillas and more. Modern zoo exhibitry has improved the lives of animals and created a richer experience for Denver Zoo visitors. With naturalistic habitats like the new Predator Ridge as well as Tropical DiscoveryPrimate Panorama and the Dragons of Komodo exhibit, the Zoo is working to enhance the lives of some of the world’s most endangered species. The zoo’s “winter hours”, are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Denver’s City Park (23rd Avenue (between York St. & Colorado Blvd.) 5 minutes from downtown Denver.

2300 Steele Street
(303) 376-4800


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