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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Sale: Check out these Great $5 Albums at Amazon!

Amazon is back at it again with a great sale on excellent music.  Amazon has updated its $5 MP3 section for the month of November and they have 100 full-album downloads for $5 each, and each month you’ll find 100 new choices. I always like to check this $5 section at the beginning of each month to see if there’s anything we’ve been wanting to download.

This month:

*  Prince
* Third Day
* Martina McBride
*  Maroon 5
*  Steve miller Band
*  Paul McCartney
*  Pink Floyd
* Beyonce
*  The Cars
*  John Mayer

It is great to get these awesome albums  for $5 than when it’s regularly priced! Check out Amazon’s $5 Albums Special HERE

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